PHP survival kit

This is a template for web applications in PHP. It is not a set of libraries like CPAN and it is not a framework like Ruby On Rails. It is a survival kit which allows you to write professional-level software fairly quickly on any machine you happen to land on.
You get:
  1. Web UI widgets

    Bookmark-friendly page titles.
    A stateful menu bar.
    A title element on every page that matches the browser-level title.
  2. Good filesystem layout

    A well-factored hierarchy where things are easy to find.
    A secure design where most files are not accessible via URLS.
  3. RESTful architecture

    Pretty URLs right out of the box.
    No association between extensions in URIs and extensions of the code that handles the request.
    Library functions to parse request URIs.
    Libraries for direct interaction with HTTP, URIs, and HTML.
  4. PHP-driven URL rewriting

    mod_rewrite is the most important part of Apache since, uh, Apache, but the syntax is so crazy that any reasonably advanced rewrite rule will be indistinguishable from cat puke. You have to do it in a real language to have maintainable code.
  5. Error handling

    Strict parsing by default.
    Pretty error HTML to allow you to keep up appearances.
    A pre-installed and customizable error catcher to keep ugly error messages from scaring users.
  6. A hackable code base

    Easy to read, fix, and improve.
CloneKit is not for newbies. An intermediate PHP developer should be able to cook up a web app within about 30 minutes, but that's at the cost of newbie-friendliness. The documentation is the source, and you have more than enough power to shoot yourself in the foot. This is not a toy.
A note on the style of the libraries: these exist to fill in niches that I couldn't find high-quality existing code for. There shouldn't be anything that you can get a better implementation of elsewhere, so they will seem to be strangely skeletal. There's no database library, for example, because you can easily get a good one elsewhere.