This is the template I (Lucas Gonze) use for writing web applications in PHP. Why release it for others to use? No reason in particular. I was cleaning it up in advance of yet another project and decided to put in a bit of extra time on packaging, in hopes that it might be useful to others. Also, I thought that friends might find it interesting to read.
The oldest code here is about two years old, and I have made five or six reasonably sophisticated web apps with it. It is the product of series of population forks: whenever I start a new project I make a copy of the last web app I made, including all the bug fixes and improvements to the template code, then strip out the application-specific stuff and start over again.


For source control, help forums, the mail list, etc, use the Clone Kit site on Sourceforge. NOTE: Sourceforge thinks Clone Kit is called Superdog because that was the original name for the project.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Public Domain License, which means that your derived work can be under any license you want.
I have chosen a public domain license because template code, unlike libraries or standalone software, has to be able to change license.